Our Secret sauce

What make us different ?

Hayat Tech started developing oxygen generators for industrial purpose during the covid-19 pandemic. Later we have been able to adapt oxygen produced on the spot to other sectors, mainly for aquaponic and hydroponic units. We combined this with an advanced IoT monitoring and control system designed by our team and adapted to the requirements. The use of AI allowed us to reduce the operational complications and optimize the yield efficiency.

What We Do

Hayat Tech Products

Integrated Fish Farm Irrigation System

Integrated Fish Farm Irrigation System is an innovative and sustainable agricultural system that seamlessly integrates aquaculture and hydroponics.

Indoor Vertical Farming

Indoor vertical farming represents a cutting-edge agricultural approach that maximizes efficiency and sustainability.

Air quality monitoring system

Now you can measure air quality, without the hassle, cost and risk associated with traditional air monitoring projects.

Plants For Air Filtration

The Plants for Air Filtration Hayat System is a groundbreaking fusion of two of our signature products: the Indoor Decorative Tower and the Air Quality Station.

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