AquaTech solution

AquaHayat is an intelligent oxygen concentrator for Aquaculture use. It can supply up to two production units of fish farming simultaneously with up to 10 Liters/min of oxygen at purity of %93±3. The device allows Realtime monitoring of the cycle parameters (pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solid, Water Level, Water Temperature…)

And We keep an eye on this parameter to help the farmer to optimize the cycle production. The user will be notified with alerts thus preventing the deterioration of the cycle parameters and allowing for better decision making.

AquaHayat could be also equipped with the total autonomous solution for fish farming including the cultivation tanks, auto feeding system, sensors and filters…


Auto Feeding System

Filtration System

Sensors Solution

Cultivation Tanks

Oxygen Production Unit

Realtime monitoring

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